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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order requirement? 
Typically, we require orders to meet a $100 minimum. You may combine products from different product lines to meet the minimum.

Is there a minimum order requirement for Simply to Go snacks?
The same $100 minimum applies, however, to qualify for the flat rate freight, 12 or more cases should be ordered.

Are your products available on The Market Connection?
Yes, you can find us on TMC. Check with your RAM to see if we are available in your region and to get set up.

What is the general turnaround time for an order?
This depends on what the order is for and where it is shipping to. Most of our regular products (bars, STG, etc…) are in stock and ship the next day. Transit time is dependent on your location relative to our Lakewood, NJ facility. Seasonal and customized logo products can take additional time to produce before they can ship. Please allow up to 10 days (usually less) for such orders to ship.

Are any of your products customizable?
Yes! Nearly all our products can be customized. Minimum quantities and set up charges may apply. Speak to your sales rep for more details.

Do you carry sugar free or low calorie products?
We carry sugar free dark chocolate squares and breathmints. We also carry healthful snacks by Sodexo’s nutritional standards such as trail mixes & nuts as part of the STG line.

Do I have to order a Starter Kit to begin selling Astor chocolate bars or STG snacks?
No. The starker kit allows you to begin with all the current products and free merchandiser. You may choose to select specific items you wish to bring in and display them in your existing displays.

Do you carry any impulse retail items I can feature in my Coffee Bistro area?
We offer a variety of gourmet Belgian chocolate treats that sell perfectly in coffee areas. Try our milk chocolate grahams and pretzel rods or dark chocolate biscotti – all individually wrapped – and let us know how it goes!

Do you offer gift baskets or other general items not featured on the Astor Sodexo website?
Yes, we offer a multitude of products to fit many unique purposes. Contact your rep to see if we can offer something in particular for your need.

How are your products delivered to my unit?
We usually ship via UPS or FedEx at an additional charge.

Which products have a pre-set Sodexo national flat rate freight?
STG snacks and our Gourmet Retail 2oz Chocolate Bars have a flat rate freight included price (see item details for current rate). Other products are charged standard rates based on case size & weight as per UPS terms. Note- Flat rate freight applies to the Continental US only and excludes Canada.

How are shipments for chocolate items sent during the Summer? 
During the warmer months, shipments are insulated and include ice packs at an additional charge of $7 per case. Often, cases are combined so fewer insulation charges are incurred.

How long does the insulation last?
Typically it holds for about 48 hours. For this reason, it is often necessary to expedite such shipments when going to destinations with a 3 or more day UPS ground delivery time from our Lakewood, NJ facility. States like FL, CA & TX are among those states requiring expedited shipping during warm months at an additional cost.

The States of NY, NJ, PA, CT, MD, OH, MA are all within 2 day UPS ground delivery and would not need additional expedited shipping during the summer, though insulation charges still apply. EXCEPTIONS are made only during extreme heat when even such shipments are sent next day. However, often such shipments are held back if a break in the heat is expected within the next few days.

At what temperatures do shipments begin requiring insulation?
Generally if the high/low forecast range is 75 & 63 Fahrenheit or higher we insulate (and expedite if necessary).

What States generally have longer warm weather seasons and are thus more affected by higher freight charges?

Can I set up a direct truck to deliver my order at a reduced cost?
Yes, direct trucks are generally set up by us when the order qualifies. Qualifications are based on order size and weight and vary by carrier. Truck carriers vary by state. Contact your rep for additional details.